The industry experts at Treasure Hunters Roadshow see an extensive range of precious metals in the course of their adventures around the globe. While gold and silver may well be worth good money, there are a few other precious metal heavy hitters which the THR industry experts want the public to know a lot more about: platinum, palladium and rhodium.

Platinum has been known as the “choice precious metal of the stars” because of its hefty cost. Its price is double that of 18kt white gold of the same weight. It is generally used in men’s and women’s wedding rings as well as women’s engagement rings. The steep price keeps it from becoming utilized in a wider array of jewelry, the exception being the bling of the rich and famous. Platinum is a white metal that, in contrast to gold, is used in jewelry in an nearly pure form (close to 95%). Its capacity to retain its luster over time enables it to forgo the rhodium plating that other metals like white gold must go through. And Treasure Hunters Roadshow specialists really like jewelry with shine.

Palladium is another metal that strays from the spotlight. This precious metal is similar to white gold in pricing but carries the long-lasting beauty of platinum. At one-third the price tag of platinum, palladium is produced with the same purity level (close to 95%) and keeps its shiny white coloring for a life time. Since it is a naturally white precious metal, there is no need for palladium jewelry to be rhodium-plated.

So what is this rhodium?

Rhodium is not found in its pure form. Instead, it must be derived from platinum or nickel ores. About 20 tons of rhodium are produced a year, 80% of which is sourced from South Africa. The price of rhodium is about 50% more than gold by weight. Its principal use is as a strengthening agent against tarnish, particularly for jewelry created from white gold. When electroplated onto other precious metals, a coat of rhodium delivers a reflective white surface known in the business as “rhodium flashing.”

Its high melting point, poor malleability and high price make rhodium a weak option from which to generate whole items of jewelry; it is best utilized as an addition to other metals. The clinical field is a big buyer of rhodium-plated products, such as filters for mammography devices and optical instruments.

The pricey metal is also employed in commemorating special honors. In 1979, Paul McCartney was awarded a rhodium-plated disc by the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest-selling songwriter and recording artist of all time.

Though platinum, palladium and rhodium may not be sitting about the home, the THR industry experts think that knowledge is power and understanding more about precious metals keeps buyers and sellers on an even surface, keeping the world of jewelry purchasing enjoyable and exciting. THR is constantly on the hunt for new jewelry of all sorts throughout their weekly trips across the U.S., Canada and Europe and they pay on the spot for any items they purchase. Check out the Treasure Hunters Roadshow web site for additional information and a total listing of upcoming cities.

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