Treasure Hunters Roadshow (THR) has been traveling the nation in search of precious metals, watches, aged coins, antiques and classic toys since 1996. The business has not long ago expanded their search of treasures into Spain and the United Kingdom. Their world wide hunt for treasures provides THR with a chance to acquire gold, silver and all sorts of collectibles for their international network of potential buyers and collectors.

Rare and unique toys are entertaining to play with and collect. Although primarily a childhood hobby, collecting toys is also popular with grown ups, who get pleasure from reminiscing with toys they used to play with in their early years. As the desire for vintage toys, in particular classic Barbie dolls in excellent condition continues to rise, these traditional toys can bring a wonderful paycheck at a Treasure Hunters Roadshow event. Their buyers have been instructed to give top-dollar for vintage mint-condition Barbie dolls.

The very first Barbie doll was released at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959. Mattel debuted the doll after co-founder Elliot Handler’s wife, Ruth, came up with a design for a new doll for her daughter, Barbara. Though hesitant to launch the doll at first because Mattel did not think young girls desired an grownup-looking toy, Barbie went on to become one of America’s most treasured toys of all time.

Ruth Handler came up with the Barbie doll concept during a family getaway to Europe, where she came across exactly what she envisioned for her daughter – Bild Lilli. Bild Lilli was a doll marketed in Germany in the 1950s. She was inspired by a comic strip, in which she was a really self-empowered woman who, at times, was rather controversial. Barbie, or Barbra Millicent Roberts as her fictitious biography reads, has also had her share of controversies through the decades. Criticized by health gurus and child psychologists for her unrealistic and unachievable body shape, Barbie has undergone many alterations through the decades, but remains a toy icon all over the globe.

Classic Barbie dolls can be valued at hundreds to really serious collectors. First introduced as a series, number one coming in 1959, Barbie actually had inserts in her feet to help her stand on her own. This original Barbie is the only one to include this copper insert and is extremely valuable if in good condition. In the Barbie collection, dolls one through three, and a number of the fourth, were manufactured with a solid torso and solid legs. Every single Barbie manufactured after these has a hollow body.

Classic Barbie dolls still in mint condition, which includes ones that have remained in the box for more than 5 decades, are a toy collector’s dream. The buyers at THR are wanting to buy these rare, collectible items and all vintage toys on behalf of their network of buyers and collectors. A list of objects that the Treasure Hunters Roadshow buyers are looking for can be observed on the company’s web page.

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