Treasure Hunters Roadshow (THR) is a dealer of classic collectibles and precious metals. Teams of treasure hunters have been hosting thousands of shows a year all across the continent since 1996. A few teams have not long ago expanded across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Kingdom and Spain. THR buys antiques, collectibles, gold, silver, jewelry, classic comic books and sports memorabilia, especially bobbleheads, at events on behalf of their world-wide network of collectors.

Sports memorabilia is enjoyable to the Treasure Hunters Roadshow sports experts as they see a lot of rare and one-of-a-kind objects. Baseball objects are most popular, but the treasure hunters are ready to purchase vintage or uncommon memorabilia from any sport.

One of the favorite objects in the arena of sports memorabilia is the athlete, coach or mascot bobblehead. The bobblehead entered the sports world almost 100 years ago in the 1920s. The New York Knicks launched a bobblehead of a player for their enthusiasts to obtain and collect. The sports bobblehead grew to become a fan favorite in the 1960s. To start off the 1960 baseball season, Major League Baseball produced a collection of papier-mâché bobbleheads for each and every team. These collectibles had every teams’ jersey on them but the numbers and the faces were all the same.

Bobbleheads with certain players’ names were introduced for the New York Yankees in the World Series in 1960. The four players, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roger Maris and Roberto Clemente, each had their individual number on the bobblehead, but the heads remained the same. Because of the fragility of the product, a lot of of these papier-mâché bobbleheads did not last very long.

As bobblehead popularity continued to expand, suppliers started to use ceramic rather than papier-mâché so that they would not chip or crack as easily. Baseball teams went on to release bobbleheads of their star players for fans to purchase and quite a few of the other major sports, including basketball and football, followed. Teams loved the idea of selling more souvenirs and followers loved to have comical collectible items from their preferred team that they could display at work or in their car.

Bobbleheads grew to become really popular in late 1990s since companies decided to start creating them out of plastic, which made the bobbleheads far more affordable. As the decade ended, major league sports teams realized that not as many fans had been purchasing the bobbleheads, so they resolved to give them away as a promotional product. The San Francisco Giants were the initial team to do this in 1999. They handed out 35,000 Willie Mays bobbleheads to fans at a game. This fad caught on and teams started producing bobbleheads for their players, mascots and even coaches.

The sports memorabilia experts at THR stress that condition is quite essential when buying and selling any type of collectible product, and this is accurate with bobbleheads as well. The vintage ceramic and papier-mâché bobbleheads are going to be far more valuable if they are in very good condition. Plastic bobbleheads are more recent and mass produced, so they are not as valuable as the others. Even so, the uncommon ones can still deliver a very good paycheck.

All aged, scarce and uncommon sports memorabilia can be brought to the experts at Treasure Hunters Roadshow for a cost-free evaluation and possibly even an offer to purchase.

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